Hourly Pricing

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Why hourly pricing is a total win-win for your hair + wallet

Unlike other salons who use a traditional pricing model + experience… 

We zero in on quality and provide a memorable experience that leaves you feeling confident AF + obsessed with your hair.

Point blank: we’re the shit. 

And a *huge* reason why we’re the only chair you’ll ever want to sit in is because of how we approach pricing. 


Depending on your hair goals, you can easily book your color/cut appointment with us using Boulevard. You’ll get a rad client portal where you can keep track of your upcoming appointments and reference past services + artists for easy rebooking.

Here’s a guide to help you choose the right time you need:


While we’re no stranger to breaking the rules, we do have a few salon policies that we stand behind. Remember, it’s for a damn good reason—to make Love Lane the best it can be for YOU.

Ready to feel like a total badass?

Reach out to our client communications team for assistance if you don’t know where to start (and yes, you’ll talk to a real human). 

Call - (201) 433 - 3500
Text - (201) 762 - 9357

Orrrrrr if you know *exactly* what you want…