Get to Know Kris

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Get to know us—rapid fire Vogue style

Here at Love Lane, we are anything but ordinary. We’re masters at crafting Damn Good Hair™ and we dare you to find a better team.

Not only do we know what TF we’re doing, but we *always* keep it real with you. 

And in true Love Lane fashion, our vibe is always making you feel right at home. 

So instead of tossing over typical bios to get to know our talented AF artists…

We’re gonna shake things up—rapid fire Vogue style.

If you’ve ever seen one of Vogue’s 73 Questions video series, you’ll know exactly the vibe we’re going for. 

Raw. Unfiltered. Authentic. 

Each month we’re going to do our own spin of this so you can *truly* get to know more about the tastemaker behind your chair.

Starting off with our Owner + Founder, Kristina Maccaro.

love lane 13 q's with kris


Ready for some bomb-ass color?